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Anagha Pollution Level

Growing Up as Artizens | Anagha Kusum

Since my days as a fine art student, I have thought that art is a universal language, one without barriers through which we can reach people. The experiment I will be discussing here is kind of a turning point in my life.  It made me believe in my own theory and also made me brave enough to follow it. During my early college days, I always used to get angry at people spitting on streets, throwing garbage anywhere and not respecting environment in any way.  I used to confront and scold people; many used to scoff at me as according to them it was none of my business. To an extent they were right.  In a country like India people having civic sense is a rare phenomenon.  There are ample reasons for this; education and its methodology is one of the most fundamental causes of this issue. Four years after I left school I decided to conduct an activity with students from my old school.  I talked to the students of standard 10th about the importance of civic rules and proposed an idea of … Read Full Article



Making New Ideas | Jeff Redman

Our second January series here on ALT/space was inspired by an interesting confluence of December submissions from our contributors. Completely independent of each other, four of our writers sent in a … [Read More...]

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The Other Half

One thing that impresses me about the writing on ALT/space is the sheer scope of the stories collected here.  Even in what are still the early months of occupying our online habitat, a widely drawn picture is emerging from multiple personal narratives about teaching artist work and realities. On the one hand, there is Spoon […]

An Opinion & Some Questions | Nick Jaffe

Art making and art learning should be in all schools because all students should have the right to learn to make their art, and make it better, and because one can learn and teach many things in depth through art making. This is the same reason that dynamic, interesting and in-depth work in math, science, history, literature, and athletic and shop and auto mechanics classes should be in schools…

ALT/space 2012 Highlights: Part One

As 2012 comes to a close I want to express my gratitude and thanks to all the ALT/space contributors who have written about their work in the last year.  They have shared moments of celebration, art making and, sometimes, struggle and we have all benefited from their tales, both individually and as a profession. Although […]

Happy Half-Birthday, ALT/space!

ALT/space online is six months old!  During this time we have been diligently producing monthly posts and, here at the half-year mark, I am noticing an interesting shift.  All along I knew we were working hard, but still I am surprised how quickly we have moved into new, interesting, thought provoking and generative terrain.  What’s exciting […]

Who is Art Really For? | Debora Broderick

In encouraging my students to embrace an arts integrated pedagogy in their future classrooms, I’ve been forced to recognize and acknowledge their anxiety about making art and facilitating arts-based lessons. This has left me pondering a question that kept surfacing throughout the year: Do you have to be an “artist” to make art?

Whose Reality?

Linda Bruning and I were in the middle of an interchange about the first draft of her recent post, The Road and its Reality.  I thought it was a great piece from start to finish, but something was bugging me, and I could not put my finger on it. “I think you make your point […]