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Masking Tape: The Artist’s Urge to Wrap | David Rufo

There are many iconic images of boxers getting their hands taped before a bout: a gritty yet elegant photograph from the early 1930s by Willard Van Dyke titled Boxer’s Hands[1]; a variety of black and white photographs from the 1960s of the legendary trainer Angelo Dundee wrapping the hands of Muhammad Ali [2]; a 4000 year-old Mesopotamian terracotta plaque, an ancient Egyptian relief, and an early Mycenaean amphora depicting boxers with their hands and wrists wrapped [3]. But I was surprised when I saw a nine-year old student with her hands and wrists encased in masking tape as if she were waiting for the bell to ring so she could take out Sonny Liston with a right hook to the chin. Last year I ordered a carton of masking tape for classroom projects. During the first week of school I required the students to inventory and organize the classroom supplies as part of a math lesson. After the exercise, the students knew where the supplies were stored and were allowed access to them. The … Read Full Article


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“But I’m not a writer!” | Malke Rosenfeld

This fall I’ve had two fabulous opportunities to run workshops for artists; in our sessions we’ve been working on building an understanding about what it means to write about teaching practice and how to get started.  After three years of curating and editing ALT/space online (now with a new design and eminently more searchable) the collective […]

Places We Work

ALT/space has now been online for a year and a half!  It’s incredible to realize that in this short time thirty-one teaching artists have contributed 171 diverse stories about all aspects of their teaching practice.  As we grow over time, we hope the stories collected here will represent as wide and detailed a picture as […]

The Well-Told Story: Celebrating Two Years of ALT/space!

Not everyone who contributes to ALT/space is a writer by trade, nor do they need to be.  Writing about our work and the things we are thinking, focusing on, wondering about and struggling with while we teach is a valuable process, whether or not we think of ourselves as writers.  The kind of writing that […]

Even Better Together

Every three months I have the privilege of pulling posts from ALT/space online to create our associated print section in the Teaching Artist Journal.  I’m almost done with putting together our section for Volume 11(1), due in mailboxes by the end of January 2013. This will be the fifth section I have constructed and I […]

Who is Art Really For? | Debora Broderick

In encouraging my students to embrace an arts integrated pedagogy in their future classrooms, I’ve been forced to recognize and acknowledge their anxiety about making art and facilitating arts-based lessons. This has left me pondering a question that kept surfacing throughout the year: Do you have to be an “artist” to make art?

The Other Half

One thing that impresses me about the writing on ALT/space is the sheer scope of the stories collected here.  Even in what are still the early months of occupying our online habitat, a widely drawn picture is emerging from multiple personal narratives about teaching artist work and realities. On the one hand, there is Spoon […]