Dreaming in Technicolor | Caitlyn Kamminga

When I turned forty something changed in my thinking. I had been working my entire adult life towards the best orchestral job I could win. Moving steadily up the ladder, from a tutti position to Assistant Principal and to Principal Double Bass; and then from country to country, better orches-tras, better chairs. Suddenly, it wasn’t […]

Hope | Caitlyn Kamminga

“Dere hope for him yet? Doh know how… What you tink, About Starboy now?” From Corporal’s speech at the end of Act 1, Jab Molassie What originally drew me to Igor Stravinsky’s L’Histoire du Soldat as the starting point for an adaptation is its universal story. Underlying it is the Biblical text, “What shall it […]

Transport | Caitlyn Kamminga

In 2011 my colleagues and I, on faculty at the University of Trinidad and Tobago, started a series of concerts called All Together Now! Designed to celebrate the outreach programs we had created in the communities surrounding the capital city of Port of Spain, this was my first opportunity to show off the teacher training […]