On Teaching Intimacy | Holly Adams

I recently taught a workshop on Dramatic Improvisation for a Comedy Festival focused on Improvisation and Stand-Up comedy for adults. Mine was the first workshop of the day (a Saturday), and I had anticipated a small turnout of people, mostly men, who might resist all but the hilarious and shallow. Why? Because Dramatic Improvisation only […]

Working with Children on the Asperger-Autism Spectrum | Holly Adams

I am a performer, playwright and Teaching Artist with a long history and much training in working with people whose perceptual/interactive experience of the world is on the fringe of typical association. In 2012, I was hired by 3 Tier Consulting to do theater workshops with children on the Asperger-Autism spectrum in Watertown and Fort […]

Rigor and Joy | Holly Adams

From mid-September through till mid-December I am a teaching artist in six fourth grade classrooms in two school districts, twenty contact hours per classroom (theoretically).  The project involves using performance modalities (usually as alternative learning strategies) to co-teach academic or social content, then facilitating the creation of an original piece about that content. Although all […]

Don’t Stop Believing: A Lesson from My Adult Students | Holly Adams

“I think, I think, that we should end it with, with a party.”  J.T. Is the last one to make a suggestion about how our movie should end. This is the third session of “Theatre 101”, an open workshop for adults with a range of developmental challenges, and our group has grown to ten counting […]