Finding Creative Courage | Kim Jordan

I teach college acting classes to non-acting majors at three different college sites. One is a traditional four-year liberal arts college with students whose basic Maslow’s needs are well-met. The other two take place at two separate academic centers for one statewide Community College system. The first of these is in a relatively urban area […]

Piecing it Together | Kim Jordan

I’ve been a teaching artist since 1999. I’ve taught performance poetry and theatre in classrooms, camps, one-off workshops and residencies, and teacher professional development workshops. I’ve judged competitions, coached youth teams, facilitated at conferences, created, collaborated, and toured. I worked in the education department of a large performing arts center, taught college as an adjunct, […]

Anatomy of Week Three in a Theatre and Bullying Prevention Residency | Kim Jordan

I’ve been a theatre teaching artist for thirteen years. In the last five I’ve been particularly focused on theatre for social issues and bullying prevention. I studied Applied Theatre in graduate school, which led to my Master’s thesis: Theatre-in-Action: Participatory Theatre for Bullying Prevention.  In 2011 I founded Theatre-in-Action (TiA), an applied theatre project for […]

On Small Victories | Kim Jordan

I am not only a freelance applied theatre practitioner; I also am adjunct college acting instructor. A teaching artist has to piece together a living, right?  Neither of the colleges in which I teach house a theatre department or acting program; rather, in my introductory acting courses I teach acting as an arsenal of skills, […]

Theatre-in-Action for LGBT Youth | Kim Jordan

In 2011 I founded Theatre-in-Action, an applied theatre project for bullying prevention, conflict transformation, social justice, and community engagement.  My most poignant work as a theatre teaching artist has been with marginalized youth. I am an advocate for equal rights and social justice within and outside of the queer community and see theatre as a way […]