Re-booting a 4th Grade Residency in Staten Island | Mark Dzula

After a month-long interruption, Learning Though Art started up again at PS 48 in Staten Island. Partly due to holidays, partly due to coincidence, and partly due to super-storm Sandy, the interruption had the potential to sap any momentum we could have built in our first few weeks together in the program.  Going back, I […]

Teen Designers and Some Out-of-this-World Clients | Mark Dzula

I recently worked at Pace University as a teaching artist, supporting a group of teens as they developed content for Exerblast, a kids’ gym in New York City. Exerblast enhances workout sessions for children with technology and video game savvy; it is essentially a tricked out obstacle course housed in Tribecca, NYC. Participants earn points […]

Animation, Appropriation, and Tech Kids Unlimited | Mark Dzula

A pint-sized princess summons her courage and battles Bowser (of Super Mario fame) after he sets fire to a building in her utopic hometown. A gang of ants and spiders endures the trauma and tribulations of getting a yearbook signed by classmates at school. Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow get sucked into Commercial World, trapped […]

Reply to Mark: 3rd Graders Make Plans for Outdoor Sculpture | Ardina Greco

Dear Mark, I always enjoy reading your updates and seeing the progress of the students I spent time with last year.  It’s amazing that they are venturing into an exploration of aesthetics! My students and I were eager to return after the holiday break to check in on the sculpture installations that we placed in […]

Letter to Ardina: 4th Graders Make Aesthetic Decisions | Mark Dzula

Dear Ardina, As January began, we found ourselves right in the middle of our residencies at PS 48. With ten classes over and only ten left, what do you notice developing in your students? I am excited to see our projects’ groundwork bear fruit. At the beginning of the year, I instituted a five-minute independent […]

Letter to Ardina: 4th Graders and Re-Contextualization | Mark Dzula

Editor’s Note: This post inspired the following response: Reply to Mark: 3rd Graders & Site Specific Installation. Dear Ardina, I hope your residency is progressing well.  Both of my residencies are wrapping up their introductory phase.  In Staten Island, the fourth graders and I are exploring the question “How do we make the familiar strange […]

Letter to Ardina: November 2011 | Mark Dzula

Ardina, It feels like we’re finally getting back into the swing of things; the dynamics of our residencies are coming into focus as we settle into the new year with the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum’s Learning Through Art program. We are both continuing our work at PS 48 in Staten Island (you in 3rd grade […]