Listen to Your Teacher: Collaborating with Staff in an Alaska School Theatre Residency | Ryan Conarro

I’m engaged in a theatre residency at a rural school in the Copper River School District in interior Alaska. My focus is interview-based drama: elementary students and teachers are conducting interviews with community members, centering on the question, “What makes Kenny Lake home?” They’re speaking with the homesteaders who first farmed this area under a […]

Wait Time: Communicating Through Puppetry in a Rural Alaska School | Ryan Conarro

It was early December. Outside, a steady wind was whipping snow into curling drifts around the school building. Inside, it was silent. I was in the 3T classroom at Akiuk School in the Yup’ik Alaska Native village of Kasigluk. The students were sitting quietly at their desks, each with a puppet  lying on the tabletop […]

Really Worth Something | Ryan Conarro

From the air, the village of Kwigillingok Alaska in LKSD, with the school in the foreground Aug 2011 This school year, I’m facilitating a puppetry-based arts integration project in the Lower Kuskokwim School District in southwest Alaska, as part of their grant-funded Pilinguat (“Making Things”) Program. I’m a theater teaching artist and am new to […]