Learning with My Students | Suzanne Makol

As teaching artists, we bring our experience in our respective mediums to the classroom. But, what about lack of experience? This winter term at Marwen, I taught an experimental darkroom photography class in which the students drew on their 35mm negatives. The process involves manipulating the photo emulsion (magical light-sensitive bits) on film. Working with […]

Happy Accidents | Suzanne Makol

So far in my ALT/space posts I have written about big-picture ideas relating to my teaching artist experiences. Today I’d like to highlight a moment of joy and straight-up fun that is part of the reason I love being a teaching artist. This past spring term at Marwen, I taught and assisted two experimental darkroom […]

Photography and Sound Collaboration / Suzanne Makol

This past fall I worked with teaching artist Nick Jaffe in a Peer to Peer exchange program at Marwen, where I teach photography to middle school students after school. It was a valuable program where we visited each other’s classes, made observations, and had in-depth conversations about our particular approaches, ways to improve/innovate, and about […]

Teaching Artist Development Studio Part 3: Completing the Circle / Suzanne Makol

After everyone in TAD Cohort 1 finished teaching in their various Chicago Public Schools, each group of two teaching artists presented their work to the entire group, as well as guest art education administrators.  Alyssa and I had a good time working with the students in our two-session workshop we called “Exploring Borders Through Visual […]

Teaching Artist Development Studio Part 1: Fall 2011 | Suzanne Makol

Editor’s Note: This is the first of three posts by Suzanne Makol detailing her experience in the Teaching Artist Development Studio. TAD Studio is funded by the Fry Foundation, supported by a wide range of arts education organizations in Chicago, and run under the auspices of CCAP at Columbia College Chicago. In 2011, I made […]