More Than an Internship | Carol Ng-He

“Teens face many issues such as identity, family problems, and finding the right crowd… Their environment is chaotic and wild…” — Chicago Teen Museum website. Teens are often like outsider artists – finding themselves outside of the mainstream cultural or social expectations.  Teens’ creativity is incredibly strong, their thinking bold, raw, wild, and unexpected, all of this […]

Blog It Out | Carol Ng-He

It never stops amazing me how one thing leads to another in life. It’s been over ten months since I joined ALT/space. Writing, reflecting, researching, and sharing ideas from my own teaching artist practice with my peers has built a much greater sense of community in me and, having done so, I feel that my […]

Making Place Meaningful: Lily Yeh & The Role of Folk Art in Community Development, Part 2 / Carol Ng-He

Lily Yeh is a constant traveler around the globe, working on projects in China, Rwanda, Kenya, Ghana, and Ecuador and many other places. Her ability to develop and manage different art projects in so many locations amazes me. I talked with her about her vision in my previous post Making Place Meaningful: The Role of […]

Teaching Between the Lines | Michael B. Schwartz

The dilemma Linda Bruning describes in her recent ALT/space post Funding, Social Responsibility and the Teaching Artist is bouncing around in my head. As Teaching Artists we have to deal with the pressures of controlled chaos in making art with huge groups of people, in complicated neighborhoods, with limited finding and sometime we inadvertently step […]

Making Place Meaningful: The Role of Folk Art in Community Development, Part 1 | Carol Ng-He

In my Arts and Community Development class this spring semester, we are centered on the study and application of the principles of community-based art through four A’s: Asset-based (drawing the existing strengths of the community), Accessibility (creating an open and welcoming space for creating), Alliance (building collaboration and supportive networks), and Activism (promoting social change). […]

Between Space and Learning: Lessons from Hong Kong’s Museum of Education | Carol Ng-He

In my teaching in schools and museums, I often find myself circling back to the idea of “space” – how people learn in both formal and informal learning spaces. This interest probably came from the lack of space in my hometown, Hong Kong. With over seven million people now living in a land of less […]

The Blue House | Carol Ng-He

Last December I traveled back to my hometown Hong Kong for the holiday. Feeling nostalgic, I decided to embark on a journey to tour places that I had not visited before on previous trips.   My visit to the Blue House, however, went beyond merely touristy site-seeing; rather, it gave me the opportunity to think more […]