Together We Thrive Mural Project | Michael B. Schwartz

January 8, 2011 started out like any other day in sunny Tucson, Arizona. The old Pueblo was abuzz that morning, the mild winter drawing annual snowbirds and festivals.  A few hours later multiple gunshots at the “Congress on Your Corner” would shock and tear local social and cultural fabric and shake our national identity.  U.S. […]

Binding Books, Binding Community |Carol Ng-He

The goals I have for the students in my Arts & Community Development class are four-fold: 1) to gain an understanding of the historical development of art activism, particularly in Chicago, and connect the history of activist movements to the present; 2) to engage with an existing organization and/or community in the city to explore […]

Start the Peace Stop the Violence / Michael B. Schwartz

“Start the Peace Stop the Violence” is the theme of this mural. Over 150 neighbors gathered on November 5th  for a community paint day facilitated by teaching artist Michael B Schwartz. The mural design emerged from a series of community conversations in South Phoenix. The mural is part of a comprehensive campaign by TRUCE, Arizonans […]

Picking up the “Unfinished Business” | Carol Ng-He

One of the most exciting moments in teaching the “Arts & Community Development” class to my undergraduate students this semester is visiting the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum. Connecting students to the history and legacy of the community work by activists and art lovers Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr has always been my goal for […]

Ardina’s Reply: November 2011

Mark’s letter to Ardina, November 2011 Mark, I’ve met with the 3rd graders at PS 48 twice now and I feel that we are already off and running. As you mentioned, getting to know the students is one of the first important tasks you and I have as LTA teaching artists so I dedicated the […]

Restorative Practices: Community Arts Integration

As I drive through the streets of Tucson and Phoenix it feels at times as though I’m on another planet. There are long blocks of single story strip malls, clusters of apartment complexes, convenience stores and micro housing developments looking out of place, everything is designed around the automobile. Walking several blocks in 109-degree weather […]

Art & Justice for All

In my work at Intuit I am finding just how powerful outsider and self-taught art can be as a force for social change; in particular I have found that can have an especially big impact on teenagers in economically deprived neighborhoods.  About five miles west from downtown Chicago, a high school art teacher has developed […]

But it’s a Dry Lavender, Crimson, Gold Heat | Michael B. Schwartz

The end of the school years means its assessment, reflection and celebration time.  I know we did our job when students want to know more about specific techniques and concepts. With few students getting a formal arts education in Tucson many of our participants arrive drawing stick figures and depart wanting to know more about […]

The Outsider is In – Teacher Fellowship Program at Intuit

At Intuit we define “intuitive and outsider art” as work of artists who demonstrate little influence from the mainstream art world and who instead are motivated by their unique personal visions. This includes what is known as art brut, non-traditional folk art, self-taught art, and visionary art. As education director I work closely with Chicago […]