How Older Adults Learn Choreography | Judith Sachs

I like to show my 80-year-old dancers examples of performances on YouTube in order to inspire them for the work we’re about to tackle. They are typically incredulous that they can see all that movement on my tiny iPhone screen and also of the opinion that “all those twists and turns are fine, but I’m […]

This is Hard | Angela Gallo

Of all of the courses that I teach, Dance Composition II has always been a class where, year after year, profound things occur. This course focuses on different forms of group choreography with an emphasis on the students creativity, movement invention and performance quality.  At my institution this class takes place in the fall of […]

Breaking Down Barriers to Dance: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach | Annie Harrison Elliott

When I teach modern dance to a new group of middle school students, it’s sometimes hard to know where to begin. On the first day of class students, all with varying degrees of dance experience, self-consciousness, and barriers against movement, are often scanning the room, anxious and concerned about what might happen next. Some of […]

The Birth of an Elder Dance Teacher | Judith Sachs

My father had one job his entire life. He was a doctor until he “retired” at 91. Whereas, I have had a bunch of careers. I started as a dancer/actor, became an editor, then wrote preventive health books with doctors, served as a product spokesperson, coached corporate executives in pitching and presentation, and worked as […]

“An Object to Think With” | Malke Rosenfeld

Some thinking about meaningful movement and math learning, in three parts. First: Prelude The point of this post is to push back a little on the idea that simply being out of one’s desk and on your feet will create what mathematician and a founder of the MIT Media Lab Seymour Papert termed “body knowledge”. Specifically, my […]

Lesson Learned | Alison Holland

After eight months of planning and few months of dance rehearsals, art making, and composing, L.A.-based Composer Paul Fraser, Visual Artist Mary Johnson of the Twin Cities, and I spent last week in residence at my local rural Minnesota school district.  In addition to working with students across the district that week, we set high […]