“Social Justice Art: A Framework for Activist Art Pedagogy”| A Book Review by Becca Barniskis

Editor’s note: Too often “social justice education” or “social justice art” get thrown around with little to no thought about the quality of that education or art making, let alone the political implications of blindly embracing anything that attaches “social justice” to itself. Becca Barniskis tackles these issues in her recent review of Marit Dewhurst’s book “Social Justice Art” […]

Dreaming in Technicolor | Caitlyn Kamminga

When I turned forty something changed in my thinking. I had been working my entire adult life towards the best orchestral job I could win. Moving steadily up the ladder, from a tutti position to Assistant Principal and to Principal Double Bass; and then from country to country, better orches-tras, better chairs. Suddenly, it wasn’t […]

Where is the Teaching Artist Field? | Nick Jaffe

In recent years there have been a number of formal and informal initiatives that have aimed to bring greater coordination and centralization to the teaching artist field.  Certifications and credentials have been proposed, national organizations, guilds, and networks have been floated.  Some have done, and continue to do important work, but none have emerged as […]

My role in de-skilling the arts | J. E. Johnson

When I see the perennial behind-the-scenes tour groups gawking wide-eyed at the 10,000 square foot scenic studio outside my office at The University of Texas, I am reminded that I have a very cool job. Every year our staff of professionals and students produces beautiful stage sets and generally “make the magic happen.” Even so, […]