Birth of a Song | Jay Albert

One day Hans (eight years of age) came to his lesson with a song he had written on his guitar (I use the term “written” to mean composed and remembered, not necessarily put down on paper). Hans has been playing the instrument a little over a year, currently strumming quarter note patterns, chords and reading […]

Light, Shapes and Shadows | Ardina Greco

During the summer months I co-teach with my husband Mark in different environments. My next few posts will give a sense of our collaborations.  In June, although not technically summer, our work routine shifts.  Our regular gigs end and the programs we teach often occur in new and beautiful places.  This is summer to me!  […]

Photography and Sound Collaboration / Suzanne Makol

This past fall I worked with teaching artist Nick Jaffe in a Peer to Peer exchange program at Marwen, where I teach photography to middle school students after school. It was a valuable program where we visited each other’s classes, made observations, and had in-depth conversations about our particular approaches, ways to improve/innovate, and about […]

Becoming a Teaching Artist | Carol Ng-He

Entering my fifth year as a teaching artist, I have come to find that this role has many more dimensions than I initially thought when I first started.  Recent conversations with colleagues whom I have known at different times, have inspired me to reflect on the forms of work a teaching artist can do.  Ultimately, […]