Building Character | Jeff Redman

“Whose story gets told?” was the opening question as we started our final workshop, Verbatim Theatre. Verbatim is a form of documentary theatre that began to work its way into the mainstream with The Laramie Project by Moises Kaufman and Tectonic Theatre Project in 2000. As it sounds, Verbatim Theatre takes word for word accounts, […]

Hope | Caitlyn Kamminga

“Dere hope for him yet? Doh know how… What you tink, About Starboy now?” From Corporal’s speech at the end of Act 1, Jab Molassie What originally drew me to Igor Stravinsky’s L’Histoire du Soldat as the starting point for an adaptation is its universal story. Underlying it is the Biblical text, “What shall it […]

The Special in Special Needs | Elise May

Two weeks ago, magic happened.  The warm-up was a book filled with animal sounds and repeated text.  John (not his real name) loved making sounds.  The main book involved animals with attitudes and was fun to act out.  Afterwards, I allowed each participant to choose a simple, eight-page paperback about a farm animal.  They had […]

My role in de-skilling the arts | J. E. Johnson

When I see the perennial behind-the-scenes tour groups gawking wide-eyed at the 10,000 square foot scenic studio outside my office at The University of Texas, I am reminded that I have a very cool job. Every year our staff of professionals and students produces beautiful stage sets and generally “make the magic happen.” Even so, […]

Empowering English Language Learners | Elise May

Since 2005, I have been using theatrical voice techniques to help ESL/ELL students creatively overcome their fears of performing in English.  My main program goal is to have English Language Learners become as confident expressing themselves in English as in their own native language.  Theater is the perfect medium to overcome communication insecurities and build […]