Finding Creative Courage | Kim Jordan

I teach college acting classes to non-acting majors at three different college sites. One is a traditional four-year liberal arts college with students whose basic Maslow’s needs are well-met. The other two take place at two separate academic centers for one statewide Community College system. The first of these is in a relatively urban area […]

Making Sense of Modern Day Slavery through Theater | Jeff Redman

It all began with a simple exercise with my 8th graders in drama class: take what you have learned about modern day slavery in your Humanities class and create a three-person tableau to represent one image from your research.  I gave them each about a minute and a half to come up with something. “Don’t […]

The Stranger Called ‘Creativity’ | Daniel A. Kelin, II

During an intimate workshop I conducted with first grade teachers, I asked what they had noticed about their students’ participation in a recent drama-based residency.  One noted that she felt “so surprised to see the creativity of some kids come out that I didn’t know about.” I took the comment pretty much in stride, as […]

What If? Making Way For Collaboration | Jeff Redman

Has slavery ended? That was the opening question for the most recent unit of inquiry in the middle school Humanities department at my school, the American International School in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Over lunch one day I had a conversation with the grade eight humanities teacher about his Modern Day Slavery unit.  It was a topic […]

My Teaching Artist ‘Ohana’ | Daniel A. Kelin II

As the dancer/teaching artist finished her demonstration with the small group of fellow dancers, she stretched her arm out, palm skyward, gesturing to one specific individual standing across the room from her.  “I always give thanks to one of my most influential mentors, MC.”  MC, a gracious and well-loved local teaching artist responded with, “It’s […]

Piecing it Together | Kim Jordan

I’ve been a teaching artist since 1999. I’ve taught performance poetry and theatre in classrooms, camps, one-off workshops and residencies, and teacher professional development workshops. I’ve judged competitions, coached youth teams, facilitated at conferences, created, collaborated, and toured. I worked in the education department of a large performing arts center, taught college as an adjunct, […]