Hand in Hand | Laura Reeder

More than four-hundred people held hands. They formed a human chain from Seymour School, through the playground, across the parking lot between Nojaim’s grocery store and the community health center, in front of the public housing buildings, alongside Gifford drug store, past the purple house with the plastic swans, down the sidewalk by the industrial […]

Working in Impossible Places | Anna Plemons

This past March, I met with Spoon Jackson at the far end of the cellblock dining hall.  Jim Carlson, the artist facilitator turned recreational therapist (who established the Arts in Corrections program at CSP-Sac) had called-and-knocked his way up the chain of command to authorize the meeting.  I had been in the cellblock during a […]

Blog It Out | Carol Ng-He

It never stops amazing me how one thing leads to another in life. It’s been over ten months since I joined ALT/space. Writing, reflecting, researching, and sharing ideas from my own teaching artist practice with my peers has built a much greater sense of community in me and, having done so, I feel that my […]

The ‘Off’ Season

‘Tis the season for the reason why we teach — summer! Not the kind of lollygag that gives Minnesota lawmakers reflux. Most of my break is spent guiding young filmmakers. And thanks to connections made at Caldera’s Transformation Camp, I went away to find something rarer than an extended idle: On family vacation to New […]

Reform Dynamics: Seymourforus

There are giggles, but there is mostly a steady drum rhythm, concerted movement, and agreement on direction. A spiraling and progressive dynamic emerges. It synchronizes the tempo of so many bodies, and opens spaces for newcomers to gracefully join in. Some folks choose to sit along the edge, but they clap, chant, and reinforce an […]