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Planning for Successful Visual Invention | Andrea Jandernoa

People often assume creativity is a natural gift – you either have it or you don’t – when in fact it is a process one learns over years of practice. After years and years of training even the most experienced visual artist can find herself stumped by a blank canvas.  Give a room full of new artists that same canvas and they are bound to struggle. As a result, I’ve wondered how I could help students approach a blank canvas with purpose, not confusion. In attempting to resolve this challenge, I designed a lesson plan based on F.T. Marinetti’s Futurist Cookbook.  During this project students (ages 5-9) illustrated and wrote their own futurist recipes.  Once finished, these recipes were not only unique, but also playful, engaging, and free of any reliance on popular student tropes. Step 1: Show something unexpected The beginning of my lesson served two purposes: expose students to the bizarre recipes of the Futurist Cookbook and show students that anything goes.  We looked at several … Read Full Article


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Deep, Rich, Wide & Timeless [2013 ALT/space Retrospective]

ALT/space is about the work of artists who teach in schools, communities and prisons. ALT/space contributors advance the teaching artist field by writing specific, concrete, and powerfully personal stories about what they do and how they do it. 2013 on ALT/space gave us a deep, rich, wide, and timeless swath of stories about teaching artist […]

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On Having A Split Personality -or- Being A Teaching Artist | Chio Flores

Going back and forth between these two roles of artist and art teacher, oftentimes in the same day seems like having a split personality; I am not thinking of the obsolete medical term but rather of my dual practice which involves inhabiting two worlds that fight constantly within me…

An Opinion & Some Questions | Nick Jaffe

Art making and art learning should be in all schools because all students should have the right to learn to make their art, and make it better, and because one can learn and teach many things in depth through art making. This is the same reason that dynamic, interesting and in-depth work in math, science, history, literature, and athletic and shop and auto mechanics classes should be in schools…

The Other Half

One thing that impresses me about the writing on ALT/space is the sheer scope of the stories collected here.  Even in what are still the early months of occupying our online habitat, a widely drawn picture is emerging from multiple personal narratives about teaching artist work and realities. On the one hand, there is Spoon […]

“But I’m not a writer!” | Malke Rosenfeld

This fall I’ve had two fabulous opportunities to run workshops for artists; in our sessions we’ve been working on building an understanding about what it means to write about teaching practice and how to get started.  After three years of curating and editing ALT/space online (now with a new design and eminently more searchable) the collective […]

Whose Reality?

Linda Bruning and I were in the middle of an interchange about the first draft of her recent post, The Road and its Reality.  I thought it was a great piece from start to finish, but something was bugging me, and I could not put my finger on it. “I think you make your point […]