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All is Not Lost | Anagha Bhat

It was 2006. I had completed my graduation in sculpture two years before and just received my Masters degree in archaeology and ancient Indian culture. I was desperately in search of a job. One of my friends suggested I approach an applied art college which was looking for a teacher. I went to meet the principal.  She saw my degrees and reminded me that it was an ‘applied’ college; apparently my degrees in fine art and archaeology were not applicable enough for me to get a job.  I told her how I felt that all subjects were tools to understand your own self in a better way. She looked at me. I guess my stars were good that day — she decided to give me a chance. The principal asked me to come back two weeks later with a lecture that would be useful for students of applied art or advertising. I went home thinking hard about what was to be done. She certainly didn’t want me to talk about my theory that all subjects are actually one. She wanted to be assured that I would be worthy enough … Read Full Article


On the Periphery | Anna Plemons

Thread #1: Earlier this year, the young musician (who wrote a response to The Teacher’s Chair), brought an article to the A Facility writing group that he wanted to read and discuss.  I have been … [Read More...]

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Even Better Together

Every three months I have the privilege of pulling posts from ALT/space online to create our associated print section in the Teaching Artist Journal.  I’m almost done with putting together our section for Volume 11(1), due in mailboxes by the end of January 2013. This will be the fifth section I have constructed and I […]

Harvard Recap | Malke Rosenfeld

In early August I attended a three day institute at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) called The Arts and Passion-Driven Learning and led by Steve Seidel and members of Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble.  I signed up after receiving a very generous invitation-only grant award that encouraged me to attend one of HGSE’s […]

Places We Work

ALT/space has now been online for a year and a half!  It’s incredible to realize that in this short time thirty-one teaching artists have contributed 171 diverse stories about all aspects of their teaching practice.  As we grow over time, we hope the stories collected here will represent as wide and detailed a picture as […]

ALT/space 2012 Highlights: Part One

As 2012 comes to a close I want to express my gratitude and thanks to all the ALT/space contributors who have written about their work in the last year.  They have shared moments of celebration, art making and, sometimes, struggle and we have all benefited from their tales, both individually and as a profession. Although […]

Whose Reality?

Linda Bruning and I were in the middle of an interchange about the first draft of her recent post, The Road and its Reality.  I thought it was a great piece from start to finish, but something was bugging me, and I could not put my finger on it. “I think you make your point […]

The Well-Told Story: Celebrating Two Years of ALT/space!

Not everyone who contributes to ALT/space is a writer by trade, nor do they need to be.  Writing about our work and the things we are thinking, focusing on, wondering about and struggling with while we teach is a valuable process, whether or not we think of ourselves as writers.  The kind of writing that […]