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Light, Shapes and Shadows | Ardina Greco

During the summer months I co-teach with my husband Mark in different environments. My next few posts will give a sense of our collaborations.  In June, although not technically summer, our work routine shifts.  Our regular gigs end and the programs we teach often occur in new and beautiful places.  This is summer to me!  Just a few weeks ago, our performance group Jukebox Radio completed a residency at the Andy Warhol Preserve in Montauk, NY. The weather for our residency was uncertain.  The forecast predicted rain but we hoped for none.  One day prior, the sky shifted; long clouds moved to reveal sunlight and dark clouds trembled with thunder and rain. Weather is not typically critical to teaching, but this program was planned to begin outside, at the Preserve, and then move inside to The Victor D’Amico Institute of Art – better known as the Art Barge. If it rained our plan would shift.  Instead of meeting the first-graders outside we would meet them at school and adjust the … Read Full Article


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An Opinion & Some Questions | Nick Jaffe

Art making and art learning should be in all schools because all students should have the right to learn to make their art, and make it better, and because one can learn and teach many things in depth through art making. This is the same reason that dynamic, interesting and in-depth work in math, science, history, literature, and athletic and shop and auto mechanics classes should be in schools…

Happy Half-Birthday, ALT/space!

ALT/space online is six months old!  During this time we have been diligently producing monthly posts and, here at the half-year mark, I am noticing an interesting shift.  All along I knew we were working hard, but still I am surprised how quickly we have moved into new, interesting, thought provoking and generative terrain.  What’s exciting […]

Even Better Together

Every three months I have the privilege of pulling posts from ALT/space online to create our associated print section in the Teaching Artist Journal.  I’m almost done with putting together our section for Volume 11(1), due in mailboxes by the end of January 2013. This will be the fifth section I have constructed and I […]

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On Having A Split Personality -or- Being A Teaching Artist | Chio Flores

Going back and forth between these two roles of artist and art teacher, oftentimes in the same day seems like having a split personality; I am not thinking of the obsolete medical term but rather of my dual practice which involves inhabiting two worlds that fight constantly within me…

Places We Work

ALT/space has now been online for a year and a half!  It’s incredible to realize that in this short time thirty-one teaching artists have contributed 171 diverse stories about all aspects of their teaching practice.  As we grow over time, we hope the stories collected here will represent as wide and detailed a picture as […]

Who is Art Really For? | Debora Broderick

In encouraging my students to embrace an arts integrated pedagogy in their future classrooms, I’ve been forced to recognize and acknowledge their anxiety about making art and facilitating arts-based lessons. This has left me pondering a question that kept surfacing throughout the year: Do you have to be an “artist” to make art?