Teaching Art History through the Visual Culture of Contemporary Film | A. A. Sieunarine

I have been teaching a foundation course in Art History at Boricua College for two years. Although all the students live in New York City, home to a plethora of art museums and galleries, getting them to look at art seemed like an arduous chore. After many lectures and slide shows I realized this method […]

Inspired by Hopper: Seeing the Unfinished as Finished | A. A. Sieunarine

A few days ago I visited the Whitney Museum in New York City with an artist friend to view Edward Hopper’s drawings. We walked through the quiet rooms filled with onlookers who penetrated their gaze into the images with intent silence and scrutiny. My friend Marty and I had museum voice conversations about every drawing. […]

Bicycles in Studio 529 / A. A. Sieunarine

Two weeks ago, a freshman walked into my studio at the High School of Fashion Industries in New York City.  Dumbstruck, she looked around as if in a daze. “What’s the matter?”  I asked.  “This is the most amazing room in the school,” she said. “Could I change my major just to be in here?” […]

The Children of Abetenim | A. A. Sieunarine

The earth was red, as if a fire was lit under it. The children walked barefooted, save for some with broken rubber flip-flops. Their skin smooth and shiny like patched coffee beans; light medium and dark roast tossed together in a burlap sack. Their smiles shy and infectious and their beautifully carved eyes glistened like […]