Kindling the Spark | Meg Mahoney

I’ve been honored to be a contributor to the TAJ online exchange of ideas since last August, even as I’ve felt sort of odd-man-outish. Being a certified dance specialist, located in one school for the past fifteen years, my context is quite different from itinerant teaching artists, especially in the most recent (and most stultifying) […]

Too Much to Ask: Dance Without Music | Meg Mahoney

Alimah and Farihah are my students. They’re both cheerful, attentive, kind, lively, quick, and participatory. Alimah, a first grader, is shy, but she’s a great partner for anyone in the class. Any student, boy or girl, calm or wildly off-task, gets their work done when paired with her, because she can be on-task and have […]

The Power of a Hula Hoop | Meg Mahoney

Early in my first months of teaching my students with Autism, I discovered that hula hoops held a special power. One day at the end of class, we’d been working hard on structured activities with variable success: lots of cajoling of individual students, with them alternately joining and wandering away from our activities. Exhausted, I […]

A Backstage Story

So much effort goes into a performance, but the stories backstage – unseen – can be far more important. This one centers on two 5th grade boys… Adiel is a 5th grader in a regular classroom. I’ve been working with him since kindergarten, and he’s always been a bit of a challenge. He spends most […]