What Young Children Can Do | Annie Harrison Elliot

This is the third post in our January series around how perceptions of who can and can’t make art affect their teaching practice. Enjoy! —Malke Rosenfeld, ALT/space Editor ……………………………………….. I teach young kids, but at some point I realized my assumptions were getting in the way. The reason I teach very young children in the first […]

Pay Attention | Gigi Shroeder-Yu

“Nobody sees a flower really, it is so small.  We haven’t had time, and to see takes time.” (Georgia O’Keeffe) It has occurred to me that what might be lacking in teacher professional development and student learning is perhaps something much simpler and less expensive than more recent attempts suggested by those designing and selling […]

Where Did the Moths Come From: The Imprint of the Maker | Gigi Schroeder Yu

With Amber Spence, Christina Kent Early Childcare Center Teacher The moths arrived mysteriously in Albuquerque this spring.  They swarmed windows, walls, and doorways and their arrival did not go unnoticed by the children at Christina Kent Childcare Center. Teacher Amber’s Response: Our class became aware of the moths when they began to occupy the windows […]

Learning The Language of the Visual Arts in Early Childhood Classrooms / Gigi Shroeder Yu

The teachers and I, acting as a facilitator, at Christina Kent have been exploring the Reggio Emilia philosophy since 2010.  The use of “art” for children in our practice is a departure from what many teachers are taught, and challenges many assumptions about the use of art in early childhood classrooms. In my experience as […]