Now You’re Really Speaking My Language | Victoria Row-Traster

After a year off to take care of my new baby daughter (thank you United Kingdom and your awesome maternity policies!) and I was excited to get back into the classroom. Before I could start the in-school residency, however, there was a one-week training program where myself and other teaching artists from the National worked […]

Taking Away the Chairs | Victoria Row-Traster

Upon reflection, I recently discovered that the challenges I faced at the beginning of my career as a classroom teacher ultimately prepared me to become the Teaching Artist I am today. It was during my first teaching post as a drama specialist at a high school in the North of England.  I had just earned […]

Teaching Artist to Actor Teacher: UK to US and Back Again | Victoria Row-Traster

Stepping off the plane at Heathrow Airport, I have returned home. For now, forever… who knows? First, my family and I need to find a home base, but second – what I am going to do for work? This is the second time in my life I have relocated across the Atlantic Ocean and arrived […]