Residency Writer’s Block / Joan Weber

I am supposed to be finishing the lesson plans for a brand spanking new residency that just got moved up a week because the teacher has been asked to attend a conference. It’s one of those rare situations where I will be delivering one residency to 6th graders and a completely different, completely new residency […]

The Business of Being a Teaching Artist | Joan Weber

I am in the beginning weeks of a ten-week residency that I am developing for a local university law school center.  The University of Baltimore Center for Families, Children and the Courts is a successful early intervention program that focuses on truancy in Baltimore City Public Schools.  They have recruited several circuit court judges to […]

Given Circumstances: What I Learned this Summer, Part 2

As an actor, I spend a lot of my artistic time considering the given circumstances of my character.  That’s all the stuff that informs the mood and disposition of my character at every point during the play.  It includes things like where my character was just before entering the stage or where she’s headed off-stage.  […]

What I Learned This Summer: The Introduction

Baltimore City Public Schools did a really cool thing this summer.  It offered a five-week summer program to keep kids engaged in math and reading skills. It wasn’t remedial effort or to catch up, it was to stay on track.  What a great deal for parents, too: all-day child supervision, including food and field trips, […]