Re-booting a 4th Grade Residency in Staten Island | Mark Dzula

After a month-long interruption, Learning Though Art started up again at PS 48 in Staten Island. Partly due to holidays, partly due to coincidence, and partly due to super-storm Sandy, the interruption had the potential to sap any momentum we could have built in our first few weeks together in the program.  Going back, I […]

Letter to Mark: Vantage Points / Ardina Greco

Dear Mark, Thank you for the kind words in your last letter.  I was really moved by what you said.  From my vantage point, the last couple weeks with Learning Through Art have felt like a momentous blur.  I am glad that from the outside the chaos was inspiring.  Even though I did think through […]

Letter to Ardina: November 2011 | Mark Dzula

Ardina, It feels like we’re finally getting back into the swing of things; the dynamics of our residencies are coming into focus as we settle into the new year with the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum’s Learning Through Art program. We are both continuing our work at PS 48 in Staten Island (you in 3rd grade […]

Ardina’s Reply: November 2011

Mark’s letter to Ardina, November 2011 Mark, I’ve met with the 3rd graders at PS 48 twice now and I feel that we are already off and running. As you mentioned, getting to know the students is one of the first important tasks you and I have as LTA teaching artists so I dedicated the […]