Conspiracy Theories at the “Normal” School | Laura Reeder

Art and human development students at Massachusetts College of Art & Design (MassArt), 2013 When I am not on the road engaged in professional development with teachers and teaching artists, I am at a state-funded art school in Boston, Massachusetts working with graduate and undergraduate students who aspire to careers as artists who teach. Our […]

Exquisite Corps(e) | Laura Reeder

Creating a corpse to work as a corps. Doing arts-based professional development in lots of different places has presented one consistent, universal challenge: How can we explore complex, pedagogical ideas when our art-making materials must be simple enough to pass through airport security? While this is not a deeply critical concern, it does mean that […]

The Opposite of Anesthetic | Laura Reeder

White-board crammed with (numbing) educational responsibilities. Arts education philosopher and social activist, Maxine Greene often says, “the opposite of aesthetic is anesthetic”[1] as a way to remind us that art is often misunderstood as something purely decorative in our lives. In my years as a teaching artist, and as someone who trains teachers and teaching […]