Ages Of Art / Shaqe Kalaj

Traditionally, visual art classes and exhibitions are segregated by age groups: young children, preteens, teens, and adults, for example.  But I’ve wondered what would happen if these groups could be brought together using the same teaching techniques, possibly even exhibiting their work together? Currently, I’m the artist-in-residence for Art & Ideas Contemporary Art Gallery & […]

By Foot: Engaging Youth with Performance Art | Shaqe Kalaj

There’s nothing like inspiring and engaging the students whether inside or outside a classroom– in fact it’s essential. So last summer, when I started a visual art performance project on the streets of my community, I wanted to engage youth and adults first-hand in my process. I wanted to surprise passersby and stop them in […]

“Their Grades Shot Up!” – Because of an Art Lesson | Shaqe Kalaj

Last spring, a week after I gave an art lesson to a third-grade class, the teacher told me: “Their grades shot up!” I had been integrating reading and comprehension with a directed art lesson that contributed to creating this grade effect I think it is important to understand how grades are affected when art/reading integration […]

Color as a Classroom Tool

In my previous article I wrote about the differences I see between teaching “the how” (a focus on process) versus teaching “the what” (teaching toward product). By breaking it down “the how” into sub-categories, I have become able to interweave it into my teaching style. One such sub-category for me has involved learning about and […]

Beyond Self-Criticism

One morning, as I finished demonstrating drawing a face on the board, a little boy looked at his paper and then looked at me. “I don’t like this,” he told me.  I replied, “Let me look at it for a moment.”  He looked at me with a sense of hesitation and, I could tell, was […]