The T Word

This is the final post in our January series inspired by an interesting confluence of December submissions from our contributors around how perceptions of who can and can’t make art affect their teaching practice. Enjoy! —Malke Rosenfeld, ALT/space Editor ……………………………………….. Sharing a table with several parents at a school event, conversation came around to my being […]

What I Learned in Summer Camp | Jay Albert

“You’ve got to learn your instrument. Then, you practice, practice, practice. And then, when you finally get up there on the bandstand, forget all that and just wail.” — Charlie Parker Last winter a conversation with some friends gave me an idea to create a summer music camp. We discussed some local camps and other […]

Fun with Little People | Allison Upshaw

Call (me): Hello Mr. Radio Response (students): Hello Mr. Radio Call: Hello Little Cheerios Response: Hello Little Cheerios Call: Hello Sis. Oriole Response: Hello Sis. Oriole Call: Need I tell you Response: Need I tell you Call: That everything here is just fine Response: That everything here is just fine Call: In my mind Response: […]

Finding Common Ground: The Perfect Fit | Allison Upshaw

Approximately 2:30 am Monday, Driving from Atlanta to Louisville Approximately 8:40 am, Arrive at Kentucky Juvenile Facility and begin unloading car 1st Young Man: Morning Ms. Allison! Me: Morning Guys! 2nd Young Man: Can we help you with the equipment? Me: Sure sweetie. I’ll bring the things in from the car and I’ll need you […]

Birth of a Song | Jay Albert

One day Hans (eight years of age) came to his lesson with a song he had written on his guitar (I use the term “written” to mean composed and remembered, not necessarily put down on paper). Hans has been playing the instrument a little over a year, currently strumming quarter note patterns, chords and reading […]

Light, Shapes and Shadows | Ardina Greco

During the summer months I co-teach with my husband Mark in different environments. My next few posts will give a sense of our collaborations.  In June, although not technically summer, our work routine shifts.  Our regular gigs end and the programs we teach often occur in new and beautiful places.  This is summer to me!  […]