Inspired by Hopper: Seeing the Unfinished as Finished | A. A. Sieunarine

A few days ago I visited the Whitney Museum in New York City with an artist friend to view Edward Hopper’s drawings. We walked through the quiet rooms filled with onlookers who penetrated their gaze into the images with intent silence and scrutiny. My friend Marty and I had museum voice conversations about every drawing. […]

Bicycles in Studio 529 / A. A. Sieunarine

Two weeks ago, a freshman walked into my studio at the High School of Fashion Industries in New York City.  Dumbstruck, she looked around as if in a daze. “What’s the matter?”  I asked.  “This is the most amazing room in the school,” she said. “Could I change my major just to be in here?” […]

From Ghana to New York City: Forming Art Communities | A. A. Sieunarine

I have always had the temperament of a solitary artist, secluded in my space, hidden from the world when I paint. But when Janet Braun-Reinitz, one of New York City’s most renowned muralists, asked me to join her small art group on a trip to Ghana, Africa in the summer of 2011, I said yes […]

Immersive Environments | Ardina Greco

In addition to being a teaching artist I am a doctoral candidate at Teachers College.  For my dissertation research I’ve been observing museum education programs that bring artists who have work on view in the museum together with young people.  I’m interested in programs like this because the work I do occurs in museums however […]

Teen Designers and Some Out-of-this-World Clients | Mark Dzula

I recently worked at Pace University as a teaching artist, supporting a group of teens as they developed content for Exerblast, a kids’ gym in New York City. Exerblast enhances workout sessions for children with technology and video game savvy; it is essentially a tricked out obstacle course housed in Tribecca, NYC. Participants earn points […]

The Simple Things | Ardina Greco

Wrapping paper, water bottles, wood Boxes, bags, and straws Scissors and string We can take recycled things We can take pictures And turn them into creatures We can take trash And turn it into sculptures What is that? What is that? WHAT IS THAT? This prose, the collaboratively generated mantra of Jukebox Radio’s week long […]

Animation, Appropriation, and Tech Kids Unlimited | Mark Dzula

A pint-sized princess summons her courage and battles Bowser (of Super Mario fame) after he sets fire to a building in her utopic hometown. A gang of ants and spiders endures the trauma and tribulations of getting a yearbook signed by classmates at school. Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow get sucked into Commercial World, trapped […]

Letter to Mark: Vantage Points / Ardina Greco

Dear Mark, Thank you for the kind words in your last letter.  I was really moved by what you said.  From my vantage point, the last couple weeks with Learning Through Art have felt like a momentous blur.  I am glad that from the outside the chaos was inspiring.  Even though I did think through […]