Fun with Little People | Allison Upshaw

Call (me): Hello Mr. Radio Response (students): Hello Mr. Radio Call: Hello Little Cheerios Response: Hello Little Cheerios Call: Hello Sis. Oriole Response: Hello Sis. Oriole Call: Need I tell you Response: Need I tell you Call: That everything here is just fine Response: That everything here is just fine Call: In my mind Response: […]

Finding Common Ground: The Perfect Fit | Allison Upshaw

Approximately 2:30 am Monday, Driving from Atlanta to Louisville Approximately 8:40 am, Arrive at Kentucky Juvenile Facility and begin unloading car 1st Young Man: Morning Ms. Allison! Me: Morning Guys! 2nd Young Man: Can we help you with the equipment? Me: Sure sweetie. I’ll bring the things in from the car and I’ll need you […]