Making Sense of Modern Day Slavery through Theater | Jeff Redman

It all began with a simple exercise with my 8th graders in drama class: take what you have learned about modern day slavery in your Humanities class and create a three-person tableau to represent one image from your research.  I gave them each about a minute and a half to come up with something. “Don’t […]

Finding Common Ground: The Perfect Fit | Allison Upshaw

Approximately 2:30 am Monday, Driving from Atlanta to Louisville Approximately 8:40 am, Arrive at Kentucky Juvenile Facility and begin unloading car 1st Young Man: Morning Ms. Allison! Me: Morning Guys! 2nd Young Man: Can we help you with the equipment? Me: Sure sweetie. I’ll bring the things in from the car and I’ll need you […]

What If? Making Way For Collaboration | Jeff Redman

Has slavery ended? That was the opening question for the most recent unit of inquiry in the middle school Humanities department at my school, the American International School in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Over lunch one day I had a conversation with the grade eight humanities teacher about his Modern Day Slavery unit.  It was a topic […]

Anatomy of Week Three in a Theatre and Bullying Prevention Residency | Kim Jordan

I’ve been a theatre teaching artist for thirteen years. In the last five I’ve been particularly focused on theatre for social issues and bullying prevention. I studied Applied Theatre in graduate school, which led to my Master’s thesis: Theatre-in-Action: Participatory Theatre for Bullying Prevention.  In 2011 I founded Theatre-in-Action (TiA), an applied theatre project for […]

I Write to Own | Daniel A. Kelin, II

While driving along the lava framed highway of Kona with a fellow teaching artist, we chatted about a series of just completed sessions. This was our first time working together with children and we had gained great insight into each other’s approaches and processes. During our drive he asked several insightful questions that opened me […]

Rigor and Joy | Holly Adams

From mid-September through till mid-December I am a teaching artist in six fourth grade classrooms in two school districts, twenty contact hours per classroom (theoretically).  The project involves using performance modalities (usually as alternative learning strategies) to co-teach academic or social content, then facilitating the creation of an original piece about that content. Although all […]

On Small Victories | Kim Jordan

I am not only a freelance applied theatre practitioner; I also am adjunct college acting instructor. A teaching artist has to piece together a living, right?  Neither of the colleges in which I teach house a theatre department or acting program; rather, in my introductory acting courses I teach acting as an arsenal of skills, […]

Partners in Purpose | Daniel A. Kelin, II

Vanmark sat in the corner, his hoodie drooped far over his eyes. He volunteered no answers to questions. During the drama sessions he, like most of the other students, waited for others to stand first or looked about the room before making any choices and then usually contributed the minimum possible. Four years later, Vanmark […]

Don’t Stop Believing: A Lesson from My Adult Students | Holly Adams

“I think, I think, that we should end it with, with a party.”  J.T. Is the last one to make a suggestion about how our movie should end. This is the third session of “Theatre 101”, an open workshop for adults with a range of developmental challenges, and our group has grown to ten counting […]