Small Victories and Sustaining Positivity | Amelia Hutchison

The last time I posted to ALT/space I felt very uncertain where I stood as a teacher. I didn’t know if I wanted to go back into the prisons at all.  It helped that before the assault in August I had written out a very clear vision statement for what I wanted my year of […]

Immersive Environments | Ardina Greco

In addition to being a teaching artist I am a doctoral candidate at Teachers College.  For my dissertation research I’ve been observing museum education programs that bring artists who have work on view in the museum together with young people.  I’m interested in programs like this because the work I do occurs in museums however […]

Teen Designers and Some Out-of-this-World Clients | Mark Dzula

I recently worked at Pace University as a teaching artist, supporting a group of teens as they developed content for Exerblast, a kids’ gym in New York City. Exerblast enhances workout sessions for children with technology and video game savvy; it is essentially a tricked out obstacle course housed in Tribecca, NYC. Participants earn points […]

Where Did the Moths Come From: The Imprint of the Maker | Gigi Schroeder Yu

With Amber Spence, Christina Kent Early Childcare Center Teacher The moths arrived mysteriously in Albuquerque this spring.  They swarmed windows, walls, and doorways and their arrival did not go unnoticed by the children at Christina Kent Childcare Center. Teacher Amber’s Response: Our class became aware of the moths when they began to occupy the windows […]

A Final Reflection: Arts & UDL in the Classroom, Part 7 | Richard Jenkins

Having arrived at the end of this residency, I was still struck by the broad diversity of learners who participated in these activities. The students’ needs required a heavy amount of observation, planning, and responsiveness on my part. With three special needs students with a variety of learning challenges, seven non-English speaking students, and twelve […]

Outer Space Immigrant Stories: Arts & UDL in the Classroom, Part Six / Richard Jenkins

Part Six: Creating Fictional Narratives As I shared in my last post, an improvisation activity with my classroom of third graders proved to be a highly engaging and productive tool. During this activity the students eagerly shared observations, ideas, and suggestions for additional character actions and dialog. These were then transcribed onto boards to be […]

Letter to Mark: Vantage Points / Ardina Greco

Dear Mark, Thank you for the kind words in your last letter.  I was really moved by what you said.  From my vantage point, the last couple weeks with Learning Through Art have felt like a momentous blur.  I am glad that from the outside the chaos was inspiring.  Even though I did think through […]

OMG Van Gogh Blocked Me on Facebook! / Chio Flores

I recently tried an approach to teaching art history that involved social media. This approach showed how social media, which has become so central to many young people’s lives, can be harnessed to achieve a rich and interactive learning experience that can change students’ attitudes to self-directed research. Students were encouraged to engage with the […]