Reply to Mark: 3rd Graders Make Plans for Outdoor Sculpture | Ardina Greco

Dear Mark, I always enjoy reading your updates and seeing the progress of the students I spent time with last year.  It’s amazing that they are venturing into an exploration of aesthetics! My students and I were eager to return after the holiday break to check in on the sculpture installations that we placed in […]

Letter to Ardina: 4th Graders Make Aesthetic Decisions | Mark Dzula

Dear Ardina, As January began, we found ourselves right in the middle of our residencies at PS 48. With ten classes over and only ten left, what do you notice developing in your students? I am excited to see our projects’ groundwork bear fruit. At the beginning of the year, I instituted a five-minute independent […]

Outer Space Improv: Arts & UDL in the Classroom, Part Five | Richard Jenkins

Part Five: Generating Dialog and Actions for Fictional Characters Building on the students’ growing confidence with acting, I was eager to employ dramatic improvisation as a “writing” activity. Or as a colleague of mine puts it, “writing on our feet.” In addition to writing and drawing, improvisation would provide another way for the students to […]

By Foot: Engaging Youth with Performance Art | Shaqe Kalaj

There’s nothing like inspiring and engaging the students whether inside or outside a classroom– in fact it’s essential. So last summer, when I started a visual art performance project on the streets of my community, I wanted to engage youth and adults first-hand in my process. I wanted to surprise passersby and stop them in […]

Art Behind Bars | Amelia Hutchison

Today is my nineteenth birthday.  If someone had told me a year ago that tomorrow I would be on my way back to the U.S. to begin my second semester at the Maryland Institute College of Art, I wouldn’t have believed them.  If that same person had told me that I would spend my Fridays […]

Binding Books, Binding Community |Carol Ng-He

The goals I have for the students in my Arts & Community Development class are four-fold: 1) to gain an understanding of the historical development of art activism, particularly in Chicago, and connect the history of activist movements to the present; 2) to engage with an existing organization and/or community in the city to explore […]

“Their Grades Shot Up!” – Because of an Art Lesson | Shaqe Kalaj

Last spring, a week after I gave an art lesson to a third-grade class, the teacher told me: “Their grades shot up!” I had been integrating reading and comprehension with a directed art lesson that contributed to creating this grade effect I think it is important to understand how grades are affected when art/reading integration […]

Start the Peace Stop the Violence / Michael B. Schwartz

“Start the Peace Stop the Violence” is the theme of this mural. Over 150 neighbors gathered on November 5th  for a community paint day facilitated by teaching artist Michael B Schwartz. The mural design emerged from a series of community conversations in South Phoenix. The mural is part of a comprehensive campaign by TRUCE, Arizonans […]

Outer Space Immigrants: Arts & UDL in the Classroom, Part Three | Richard Jenkins

Having learned about the specific strengths and needs of these diverse students, I now had an intentionally designed learning plan that I hoped would be more likely to deeply engage them in their learning. For this residency, I would meet the students once a week for twelve weeks. I would be guiding them through four […]

Letter to Ardina: November 2011 | Mark Dzula

Ardina, It feels like we’re finally getting back into the swing of things; the dynamics of our residencies are coming into focus as we settle into the new year with the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum’s Learning Through Art program. We are both continuing our work at PS 48 in Staten Island (you in 3rd grade […]