Ardina’s Reply: November 2011

Mark’s letter to Ardina, November 2011 Mark, I’ve met with the 3rd graders at PS 48 twice now and I feel that we are already off and running. As you mentioned, getting to know the students is one of the first important tasks you and I have as LTA teaching artists so I dedicated the […]

The Business of Studying Children’s Interests

My name is Gigi Schroeder Yu.  Currently, I am a professional development provider for Christina Kent Early Learning Center (CKECC) in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Over the next few months I am hoping to share with you some of my experiences working with teachers and young children as we study the use of visual arts as […]

Color as a Classroom Tool

In my previous article I wrote about the differences I see between teaching “the how” (a focus on process) versus teaching “the what” (teaching toward product). By breaking it down “the how” into sub-categories, I have become able to interweave it into my teaching style. One such sub-category for me has involved learning about and […]

Engaging Diverse Learners: Arts & UDL in the Classroom, Part Two

I found myself in a classroom with nineteen ESL learners in South Boston.  Our task was to guide the students through the creation of fictional characters with individualized traits and customs and, finally, to create fictional narratives about these characters.  Seven of these children were not yet fluent in speaking or understanding English.  Also present […]

But it’s a Dry Lavender, Crimson, Gold Heat | Michael B. Schwartz

The end of the school years means its assessment, reflection and celebration time.  I know we did our job when students want to know more about specific techniques and concepts. With few students getting a formal arts education in Tucson many of our participants arrive drawing stick figures and depart wanting to know more about […]

Cultural Lenses

There are those wonderful opportunities in an educator’s life that are worth sharing, and this is one of those times. While teaching at Missouri State University, I have been on many diversity committees and have promoted diversity on campus. Last spring, while in a committee meeting I mentioned to Dr. Chantal Levesque-Bristol, Director of the […]