A Final Reflection: Arts & UDL in the Classroom, Part 7 | Richard Jenkins

Having arrived at the end of this residency, I was still struck by the broad diversity of learners who participated in these activities. The students’ needs required a heavy amount of observation, planning, and responsiveness on my part. With three special needs students with a variety of learning challenges, seven non-English speaking students, and twelve […]

Outer Space Immigrant Stories: Arts & UDL in the Classroom, Part Six / Richard Jenkins

Part Six: Creating Fictional Narratives As I shared in my last post, an improvisation activity with my classroom of third graders proved to be a highly engaging and productive tool. During this activity the students eagerly shared observations, ideas, and suggestions for additional character actions and dialog. These were then transcribed onto boards to be […]

“Their Grades Shot Up!” – Because of an Art Lesson | Shaqe Kalaj

Last spring, a week after I gave an art lesson to a third-grade class, the teacher told me: “Their grades shot up!” I had been integrating reading and comprehension with a directed art lesson that contributed to creating this grade effect I think it is important to understand how grades are affected when art/reading integration […]

Outer Space Immigrants: Arts & UDL in the Classroom, Part Three | Richard Jenkins

Having learned about the specific strengths and needs of these diverse students, I now had an intentionally designed learning plan that I hoped would be more likely to deeply engage them in their learning. For this residency, I would meet the students once a week for twelve weeks. I would be guiding them through four […]

Beyond Self-Criticism

One morning, as I finished demonstrating drawing a face on the board, a little boy looked at his paper and then looked at me. “I don’t like this,” he told me.  I replied, “Let me look at it for a moment.”  He looked at me with a sense of hesitation and, I could tell, was […]