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Writing for ALT/space is an opportunity to share the reality of your teaching practice in any way it presents itself.  In ALT/space, teaching artists provide personal accounts of what it means to be teaching their art, in whatever setting, cultural, and/or geographic context that may occur.

As a contributor you are free to focus on what is most important to you about the work you do, whether its a close up look at one particular moment in a class or with a student, or zoomed all the way out as you explore the cultural or societal implications of your work.

We would like to encourage anyone working at the crossroads of art and learning to consider writing about their work for ALT/space.

ALT/space contributors commit to three to six posts over a six- to nine-month time period.  You do not need to be a previously published or experienced writer, but what you do need is an interest in sharing your teaching practice with a wider audience and some ideas about what is important to you about your work. 

Posts should be no more than 900 words (700 is ideal) and accompanied by images.  Photo essays and videos are encouraged.

If you are interested in contributing your stories to ALT/space, please send a bio, CV and/or resume (or a link to your website), a short description of what kind of work you do and what you might like to write about, and a writing sample if available to Malke Rosenfeld, ALT/space Editor at malke (dot) rosenfeld (at) earthlink (dot) net.

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